Board calendars

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Board calendars are extremely effective tools designed to hang on the wall. They differ in volume, format, and method of finishing. They also give a range of print possibilities based on an individual project – from impressive, one-sided posters with a company advertisement, to several-pages calendars resembling product catalogs.
The most basic type of wall calendar is the poster calendar. Large format, vast space for an interesting graphic design, the possibility of refinement of print are the biggest advantages.
In turn, the wall planner calendar, also in the form of a single card to hang, offers the opportunity to take notes, mark important dates, and plan meetings. This type of planner is often used to plan holidays or production in larger companies.
The multi-board calendar also offers great opportunities. Thanks to the greater space on the cards, you can promote the company, products or services in an interesting way. Each page displays a completely different project.
The striped calendar, however, surprises with its unusual format. Narrow but long, it looks original on the wall. Each page includes a single month with a list of days and name’s days.
Board calendars may be hung on the wall in various ways. The part is finished with a slat with a hanger, others have colored spirals for easy flipping of the cards. You can choose the color of the slat and spiral for your project. There are 8 different colors available.