Calendars with notebooks

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Are you looking for something more than just a regular desk calendar? Calendars with a notebook are convenient and practical sets of the most essentials gadgets that are worth having on your desk at your fingertips. In addition to the schedule, they are equipped with adhesive notepads and colored markers.
Each part of the calendar with a notebook can be printed with an individual graphic design. It allows you to put your company advertisement on display at all times. The print is enhanced with a glossy or matt foil. A logo, company name or other elements can be distinguished with a UV spot varnish.
Our offer includes two calendars with a notebook of different sizes. The smaller version includes one notebook with 52 pages – one for each week of the year. In the large version, we have attached 2 notebooks of various sizes with 50 adhesive sheets to the base. In addition, each offers a set of colorful foil markers – 5 different shades of 20 pieces.
The main part of the calendar, namely the base is made of 150g chalk paper on 2 mm cardboard. We used 80g offset paper for calendar and notepads. All elements are attached to the base. When unfolded and bent in two places, it can easily be placed on the desk. You can always view a clear calendar and display your company advertisement, commercial information, photos or an interesting graphic design.
We pack calendars with a notebook in bulk or separately in a thermal film. You can also order cardboard-size envelopes matching the size of your calendar.