Desk calendars

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A desk is a perfect place to place a calendar. A quick glance is all you need to do to check the current day, view the current meeting or important dates. Desk calendars, depending on the format, take up little space, and look great in the office space.
Our collection includes both economical, small-sized desktop calendars, as well as larger, luxurious models which perfectly reflect the offer of your company.
All stand calendars are made of 300g cardboard so that they are easy to place on a desk or a company table when folded. Apart from the size, large and small calendars also differ in the number of sheets from the calendar.
You can choose the most affordable and the smallest desktop calendars, where the whole-year calendar is printed directly on the base. Desk calendars plus include 12 separate tear-off cards with a monthly calendar. You can mark dates and make small notes.
If you are looking for more room for printing your business materials, discover our multi-page calendars. Each month is printed on a separate page. Thus, each page is a separate project. As a result, the calendar can become almost a company catalog presenting products or services. Multi-page calendars of a larger volume have an additional title card.
Furthermore, a stand desk calendar allows you to plan the whole week. Each page shows a seven-day view and offers vast space for entering meetings or important notes.
On each desk calendar, you can print a customized graphic design. In addition, you may enrich it with a gloss or matt foil. You can highlight selected places or design elements with a UV spot paint.
In the case of multi-page calendars and a planner, apart from an individual graphic design, you can also choose a spiral in one of 8 different colors. It connects the calendar cards with the calendar base and allows you to flip the cards.
All desktop calendars are packed in bulk or individually in a thermal film. If you wish to create an original and unique company gadget or gift, you can pack them into perfectly matched paper or cardboard envelopes. You can also find them in our offer, blank or printed.