Magnet calendars

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Trendy calendars with a magnet have recently gained popularity because of the handy size and the possibility of attaching to any metal surface. As a result, the company advertisement, logo or other information could be placed in a visible spot throughout the year. A calendar with a magnet can be attached not only to the refrigerator but also to metal doors, wardrobes, boards or walls.
The small calendar, resembling a calendar with a magnet, is frequently ordered as a company gadget or gift for contractors and business partners. The upper part printed with a custom graphic design will be visible throughout the year. Additionally, you can highlight its unique character with a magnet cut to a shape. In this case, the head of the calendar can have any form.
Our offer includes calendars with a magnet in various formats as well as a calendar in two systems: single-fold and tri-fold. In the case of a single-fold calendar, a single month is displayed on each page. The three-month calendar cards always show the same proportions: the current, previous and subsequent one. In addition to the numbering of days and weeks, the names of the months and days of the week are printed in three languages: Polish, German and English.
To produce the calendar, we use 0.8 mm thick magnetic paper. In addition, it can be cut in any shape according to individual design. Each product contains calendar 12 cards for marking important dates. After a month, the card can be easily detached from the base. Pages with the calendar, printed in two colors, are made of 80g offset paper.
The practical and handy calendars with a magnet, both tri-fold, and single-fold, are packed in bulk or separately in a thermal film.