Tri-fold calendars

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The tri-fold calendar is ideal for hanging on an office wall. The large surface can be printed with a clearly visible advertisement. A three-month view greatly facilitates the organization of work.
This type of calendar consists of three parts: a head, base, and three calendars. The upper part, i.e. the head in the format of 310 x 210 mm is made of thick 230g cardboard and additionally laminated on corrugated cardboard, which makes it stiff and convex. It is this part of the calendar which is best-exposed a customized advertising project. To achieve even better effects, the calendar can be refined with gloss or matt foil as well as with a UV spot varnish.
The further part, namely the base in the format of 310 x 600 mm, includes three sets of calendar cards attached. The entire previous, current, and subsequent months are always clearly visible. Each set consists of 12 cards with full months, name days, numbering, days of the week and months in three languages: Polish, German, and English. A practical sliding box allows you to mark the current day of the week.
A tri-fold calendar has three folding elements. When folded, it takes the format if 310 x 210 mm. It can be packaged in bulk or individually in a thermal film. We also recommend perfectly matched envelopes – cardboard or paper.