In the times of modern technologies, even faster smartphones and computers, notebooks have maintained their popularity. They are effective not only in the office work but in short everyday notes or messages. Our business notebooks are also a great form of advertising. Our collections comprise both standard notebooks with removable pages and conference sets with coloured adhesive markers. Corporate notepads from our offer are also a great carrier of advertising. Our collection comprises both standard notebooks with tear-off notes, as well as ready-made conference sets with self-adhesive stickers and colored markers. Notepads are available in many popular formats and with a different number of pages. You can choose a softcover or a hardcover version that will serve as a pad to take notes even in uncomfortable conditions. We also offer notebooks with covers cut according to an individual project. The print on the inside pages of the notebook will be visible through the shape cut out in the cover. To ensure that the notebook will not open spontaneously and the pages remain in order, choose the version with a folded cover and a rubber band. The standard offer also includes a desktop pad calendar or a classic desktop planner. Spiral notebooks are still popular among our clients. You can choose both softcover and hardcover versions. The outer spiral will be visible with the notebook closed and open. The inner spiral is discreetly hidden inside the binding. What is more, you can also choose its color. There are 8 different colors available.