Conference sets

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Our offer includes single notepads, office supplies as well as ready-made conference sets which comprise the most useful products. The arranged sets are excellent for conferences, training or business meetings, and in any other situation.

Among the conference sets, you will find a basic pad with a clip and a standard notepad and hardcover sets with notepads, sticky notes and page markers in 5 different colors. Hardcover allows you to take notes even in uncomfortable conditions. The clip holds the pages, so you can easily use it for writing or sketching.

In a set with a cover, you will find a large notepad in the most popular office A4 format (210 x 297 mm). The cover also holds blocks with adhesive sheets in 2 different sizes. Next, we placed page markers in 5 different colors. , each color set containing 20 pieces.

All office supplies can also be used as an advertising medium. We can print on each page of the notepad. A printed pad or cover is additionally enhanced with a gloss or matt foil. A logo, company name or other graphic elements can be distinguished with UV spot varnish. Our conference sets make your advertisement visible in various places, during meetings and events.

A conference set can be complemented with a pen or pencil available in our offer. With such a set, you always have at hand the essential materials for note-taking and sketching, highlighting the most important information and organizing work. You can order them for your employees, as a corporate gadget or as a gift for business partners.