Cube notepads

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Cubes are handy notebooks with a large number of sheets. They may include your advertising print or other,  custom graphic design. All notebook blocks are made of offset paper. In our offer, you will find both the simplest economical cubes with sheets, as well as interestingly cut notebooks or sculptures in various shapes.

The basic cube offers several hundred pages for notes with a custom advertisement. We can also add print on the side of the notebook. A twisted cube takes slightly different shape to provide original decoration of the desk. A notebook cut at an angle allows you to display the print on the cut part of the block.

Note boxes also appear as a very interesting option. They are available in three versions with a different number of sheets. The box holding the notepad includes a head which can be cut out in any shape. The notebook may then act as a small advertising stand. The box can be printed on each side so that your ad is always visible. The head serves as a lid when folded. It allows you to always keep the cards in order. At the front of the box, we have designed a special finger-shape cut to simplify taking out the pages.

For enthusiasts of modern trends and ecological solutions, we recommend a notebook on a mini pallet. It is a custom cube of sheets placed on a wooden pallet to emphasize the eco character of the product. The sculpture is also an original design. You can choose between 4 patterns. The print will also be visible on the sides.

A cube design is an excellent idea for corporate notebooks and original decoration of the desk. In combination with writing tools on offer, they create interesting sets of company gadgets. For each type of notebook, you may choose a perfectly matched pencil or pen. We can also add a customized print.

Business Notebook Cube – Create an Individual Design

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