Spiral notepads

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Spiral notepad are some of the most popular and practical notepads. The cover and inner pages are placed on a spiral to simplify browsing, flipping and tearing off pages.

Our offer includes a selection of 8 spiral colors: white, black, red, blue, green, yellow, silver and gold. You can choose a color compatible with the graphic design printed on the cover. The outer spiral is visible both on the open and closed notepad. In notepads with an inner spiral, you can see only a fragment of the spiral, and the main remaining part is discreetly hidden in the frame.

In addition to the type of a spiral, business notepads also offer varied covers. You can select a version with a hard or soft cover. The hardcover can be used as a pad facilitating note-taking even in uncomfortable conditions. The advertising print on the cover is refined with a gloss or matt foil. You may highlight a company logo, name, brand or other graphic element using the UV spot paint. In the case of a hard binding, only the outer part of the cover may be printed.

We recommend the ECO notepad for clients who care about the environment. We produce it using ecological paper. Such a notepad can be additionally completed with an ECO pen from our collection.

For individuals who prefer to keep the notes sorted, we recommend a spiral notepad with colorful dividers. The cover and dividers separating the pages are available in 5 colors: pink, green, purple, orange and gray. We produce them using decorative cardboard.

Spiral notepads are available in two popular and practical formats: 148 x 210 mm (A5) and 210 x 297 mm (A4). Most of them contain 100 pages with vast space for print and note-taking. The version with dividers contains 75 pages.

You can choose a writing accessory matching the color of the spiral. A pencil or a pen in combination with a notepad will create an interesting company set. We can also provide a print made to order.