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Many of us cannot imagine working without adhesive notes. They are perfect for quick, daily notes, forwarding messages or marking important information. Colored markers are useful not only in the office but also at school, in shops, companies or manufacturing plants. Torn-off from the notebook and attached to any place. With a custom print, they are a  great form of advertising. The print on each page will always be clearly visible.

Our offer includes essential models of Basic adhesive notebooks with or without cover. This is the simplest type of notebook with a different number of pages. An interesting solution is the selection of an adhesive notebook cut out in various shapes. We will cut the block of sheets in any shape you design. You can also use our templates. We offer 250 patterns to choose from.

In addition to adhesive notebooks, we also recommend colored markers. Our sets contain colorful strips made of transparent foil or adhesive paper. Each contains 5 different vivid colors to simplify highlighting important information and guarantee better organization of office work.

Adhesive tags and notepads can be ordered separately or in ready-made sets. Sets differ in terms of the notebook format, the number of sheets, and the type of binding. Elegant sets include a hardcover and a wide range of notepads inside. Some are available in a vertical or horizontal arrangement.

An interesting and original gadget is a lockable set of heaven-hell in the shape of a cube. In the box, you will find two different sizes of notebooks with adhesive sheets, colored markers and a place for a phone.

In adhesive notebooks, we can print both the cover and sticky notes with an individual design. In addition, the covers are refined with glossy or matt foil. Selected design elements can optionally be enhanced by UV spot varnish.

It is worth equipping individual notepads and adhesive sets with some writing tools. We offer pencils and pens which can also include an individual advertising print.